Mental health awareness week 2020

Mental health awareness week, at least in the uk, runs from the 18th – 24th May and has been running since 2001. Each year there’s a theme chosen and this years theme is kindness!

In such uncertain times I think everyone can relate to kindness and the positive impact it can have on a person. Something as simple as someone uttering “be safe” at the check out line in the supermarket to the thoughtful notes being put through letterboxes from unknown neighbours. During this pandemic I think it is noticeable the majority have made an extra effort to check in on others. Research has evidenced that showing kindness not only positively impacts on the receiving person but there’s huge benefits to the mental wellbeing of those exhibiting the kindness.

Throughout this week I’m going to make a post for every day of this week outlining a range of mental health information, tips, and advice in how to keep yourself mentally well during this quarantine. I will not glamorous or keep this tame but will make some posts regarding my own profession of forensic mental health, working with mentally disordered offenders, which is an extremely neglected topic in the mental health discussion.

During this week I would like to say that my inbox is always open to those who want someone to speak to. I have dedicated my life to the mental well being of others and chose my career to care for others in difficult periods of their life. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Get involved…

Here’s some ways you can get involved in raising awareness, fundraising, or even just staying in the know…

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